Brahma Putras

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Emma Chiara Miglio LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

Nikshep Trinetra Bangalore Suresh
Master Wageningen University and Research

Simone Cattabeni
Master Wageningen University & Research

Viani Palacios Gomez LinkedIn
Master Viani Palacios Gomez

Sheccid Sarai Gómez Balvás LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University & Research

nandia gresita trinanda LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

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About the team

Brahama Putras: “the children of the river”. A close-knit team of six passionate and curious environmental science students from Wageningen University, striving to contribute for a nature-centric future. With diverse and rich multicultural backgrounds, we bring to the challenge expertise ranging from mangrove conservation, human-wildlife conflicts, human-nature interactions, economics (supply chain) and urban planning.

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Description of our vision for nature-positive future

We envision a nature-centered future for Bangladesh. For agriculture, this means that agricultural methods work in synchrony with natural processes and foster biodiversity. For cities, including housing and industry, we envision them integrated with the food system through the collection and treatment of organic waste. Cities would also be adapted to changing climatic conditions though nature-inspired infrastructure. Finally, natural areas will continue to be cherished and nurtured but will benefit from a better nutrient cycle, and decreasing soil erosion and land exploitation resulting from nature-based solutions implemented across Bangladesh.