Our dedicated organisation

Committee of Recommendation

Prof. dr. ir. Arthur Mol
Rector Magnificus WUR
H.E. Mr. M. Riaz Hamidullah
Ambassador of Bangladesh in the Netherlands
Ir. Ivo Demmers
Executive Director Netherlands Food Partnership

Advisory Board

Prof. dr. ir. Arnold Bregt
Dean of Education-WUR
Dr. ir. Ernst van den Ende
Managing Director Plant Sciences Group-WUR
Prof. dr. Perry den Brok
Chair 4TU Centre for Engineering Education-WUR
Sebastiaan Berendse
Corporate Director Value Creation-WUR
Tim van Hattum
Program Leader Green Climate Solutions-WUR
Dr. Nettie Buitelaar
Chief Business Officer – BiosanaPharma
Annabel Oosterwijk
Researcher Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment Agrifood- WUR
Marike Boertien
Challenge Coordinator - University of Twente

Expert panel

Liesje Mommer
Full Professor & leading the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative-WUR
Cora van Oosten
Senior Advisor Natural Resources Management - WUR
Michaël van Buuren
Senior Advisor Landscape Architecture - WUR
Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga
Delta Expert - WUR
Rio Pals
Manager WUR Student Challenges – WUR

Organising Team

Marta Eggers
Project Leader- WUR
Anna Celli
Project Assistant - WUR
Mareva Meulemans
Social Media Manager – Nevermind Productions