Dynamic Delta Designers

Team information

Riva Kramer
Bachelor Wageningen university and research

Eva De Boer LinkedIn
Bachelor Wageningen University and Research

Jasper Kirpensteijn
Bachelor Wageningen University & Research

Sophie Righolt LinkedIn
Bachelor Wageningen University & Research

Floor Wiegerinck LinkedIn
Bachelor Wageningen University & Research

FĂ©lix Sens
Bachelor Wageningen University and Research

Abel Nijsink
Bachelor wageningen university and research

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About the team

We are seven students in the third year of our bachelors in Landscape Architecture. We are looking forward to working together on changing the world for the better.

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Description of our vision for nature-positive future

Our vision for a nature-positive future in Bangladesh in 2120 includes an integrated approach to addressing difficulties using nature-based solutions. We address soil salinity by incorporating salt-tolerant plants like mangroves, which provide benefits such as carbon storage and biodiversity. Agroforestry, which combines crops and trees, increases biodiversity, minimizes erosion, and reduces flooding in vulnerable places such as the Khulna district. To combat salinity and assure food security while minimizing environmental impact, we suggest elevated agriculture platforms and underwater seaweed cultivation. Enhancing connectivity through river transportation allows for more efficient distribution, particularly to remote areas. Addressing social inequality entails improving farmers' working conditions and promoting renewable energy sources for inclusive growth. Our vision prioritizes equal opportunities, advocating for local investments tailored to diverse regional needs. By focusing on coastal areas and river catchments, we aim to create a sustainable and resilient Bangladesh, fostering harmony between nature and people.