CRiSTAL: Climate Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture

Team information

Adeltama Janno Ajiputra LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University

Imelda Magdalena LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University

Rifqi Hakim Dewanto LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

Yamuna Jiwaningrat LinkedIn
Master Wageningen University and Research

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About the team

A group of aspiring environmental enthusiasts who seek to develop initiatives to increase resilience in the coastal agriculture sector of Bangladesh against changing climate conditions. Seeking to tackle issues such as elevating salinity levels in groundwater, rising sea levels, and rising temperature through applications of nature-based solutions in the agricultural sector. Our interdisciplinary team unites the expertise of environmental sciences, water management, resilient farming, and spatial information.

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Description of our vision for nature-positive future

In Bangladesh, nature-based solutions (NbS) play a pivotal role in addressing various challenges, including those related to water management, coastal protection, and biodiversity conservation. By utilizing tidal energy, implementing green flood protection measures, and promoting green urban mobility, NbS contributes to sustainable transportation, energy, and housing development. Green flood protection, such as tidal park utilization and mangrove buffer utilization, mitigate flood risks, safeguard infrastructure, and preserve ecosystems. Moreover, NbS ensures equal access to clean energy and fosters green job opportunities, thus advancing social welfare and environmental sustainability. Through these approaches, Bangladesh can achieve socio-environmental resilience and sustainable growth by 2120.